Mud Lotus: Unconditional

Sunday, May 13th, at 10 AM – 12 PM
ILLIO Studio, 13 E Tulane Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43202

scenic-view-of-the-klamath-river-flowing-through-a-valley.jpgMindfulness meditation is the practice of being present with whatever is, observing it arise, and letting it pass. This practice of “equanimity” is an essential part of real care for one another. It is the “unconditional” part of unconditional love and it forms the basis of living spiritually in the world.

LIke a river that rests in a constant state of motion, we can learn to accept without judgment our own state of constant transformation and development.

The paradox of love is that when we accept others just as they are we give them the room to grow. In the same way, when we really love ourselves without judgment, we give ourselves the permission to develop better transform into the person we would like to become.

The same paradox exists in the fact that we must accept that some things in life are “unacceptable.” In the face of great tragedy, it is difficult to be with things as they are. When a person we love is gone or when our life fundamentally changes for the worse, it isn’t possible to return to the way things were before. Practicing equanimity doesn’t mean acting as if nothing has changed or forgetting the past. Rather, it means accepting our grief, accepting the presence of our loss, accepting the mark that the past leaves on us in every lingering joyful and painful memory. Equanimity means accepting that some things will never return to normal. The paradox of practice is that real healing can only occur when the acceptance of the unacceptable is real.

Please join us in the experience of acceptance together.

The Mud Lotus Sunday session meets for 2 hours every 2nd and 4th Sunday. We have brief introductions and a Dharma talk and sit in meditation for about 40-minutes total (periods divided by walking meditation). We finish with listening and sharing with one another in Dharma sharing.

There is no cost to attend. Donations warmly accepted.

The Mud Lotus project is anchored by Sara and Seth and involving many people. It was founded to promote stillness, belonging, and engagement in ourselves and in the world. We believe meditation practice should be accessible to everyone, all bodies, body types, and abilities. Folks can stay 5 minutes or the whole time and adjust themselves in whatever way best supports their practice. We welcome folks of all religions, races, sexualities, and gender identities. Please let us know if there is something we can do to support your practice.

Mud Lotus also meets for a regular morning meditation, every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 8:00 am, at ILLIO, 13 E. Tulane, 43202.

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