Additional writing and media

Find my 2018 talk on Buddhism and Veganism on the Columbus Veg Community YouTube channel

Back in 2012, I wrote an essay for the Buddhist Peace Fellowship on the same topic. Some of the biographical details are no longer accurate (I’m not involved with Pattycake Bakery anymore, for example, although Pattycake continues to be a premier dessert bakery in C-bus and is now a worker-owned cooperative), but the core message still rings true. Check it out at “Eating with Reverent Care: Buddhist Vegan Practice.”

I was interviewed in 2018 by Ria Greiff for the radio-show/podcast You Inc. to talk about “Awareness.” Find a short video clip of the interview at “You Inc. Tool Awareness with Seth Josephson .”   The audio was edited into two parts for YouInc.’s podcast at the You Inc. iTunes feed. Find me on episodes 50 and 51. Note: Blue Cliff Monastery, where regularly attend retreats, is in New York, not Massachusetts! I’m not sure why I said that. Otherwise, everything I say on the episode is fully factual. 🙂